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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to showcase the means for all countries to achieve self-reliance, and independence, with the use of advanced technologies, and materials, available today.   

Project Overview:

This project is geared to establish a showcase for advanced tech and materials, demonstrating the means to produce clean energy, food and water, on our different sites established.   We will build gourmet food production capacity in Ashland, OR, and later in other areas, in order to show the availability of high density food growing systems that reduce water used, while increasing food produced, in urban and rural settings.  These high density growing systems will produce high quality, gourmet, organically grown food for restaurants, caterers, and cooks at home, along with gourmet clientele globally.   Aeroponic, Aquaculture, Aquaponic, and Hydroponic systems, in our greenhouse BioDomes, along with outdoor plantings using Food Forestry/Permaculture growing principles, will enable us to grow a wide range of exotic plant species.   

Working with the folks at Algae AquaCulture Technology, in Whitefish, MT, will enable us to use their new algae-based 'Green' power station to produce six megawatts of power, and by working with an energy tech developer we will be able to upgrade that power output to 24 megawatts of power, more than enough to meet the current needs of the city of Ashland, which now uses 20 megawatts per day.   This power tech also produces Regenisys, a natural, organic fertilizer for our use on the farm's sites to provide soil nutrients for our plants to take up.  <>

We also have the opportunity to work with the Fuels From Air group in Loughborough, England, as they have an exciting new synthetic fuels system to offer us, scalable to produce synthetic fuels identical chemically to those made from crude oil now.  Their system extracts water vapor and Co2 from air, and further extracts Hydrogen and Carbon to form hydrocarbons / alkanes, and from these to produce synthetic fuels.    This group is in the development stage, but eager to work with us to showcase their technology, and to prepare it for scaled up commercial production within the next two years, ideal timing for us. 


          Tower Grow Aeroponic System Now Used at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago 

Pacific Domes, in Ashland, OR, has over 35 years of experience in building shelter domes, BioDomes, aquaponic/aquaculture domes, projection domes, and other special purpose domes.  They are able to

build BioDomes to 120' diameter to house our sub-tropical and tropical species, as well as our high density

food growing systems.  <>  Multipoint Foundations, in Syracuse, NY, is able to build even larger BioDomes to over 300' diameter as needed.  <>

                                                 Shelter Domes from Pacific Domes in Ashland, OR        

Chef Alexandra DeLaris Hannah, a gifted culinarian, with over 30 years as a professional chef, in southern California, now living in Ashland, OR, has graciously agreed to serve as our company's president, as she sees the global potential of this enterprise, and is eager to help in building the farmstead, and sites to be established, from the very beginning.  From our beginning in the Ashland area we will develop selected sites on the Big Island, Hawai'i, to help the islands reduce their dependence on mainland food sources.

              Chef Alexandra DeLaris Hannah, in Ashland's Lithia Park, White Tiger Farm President Select

Mark, one of the owners of <>, in Bascom, FL, has expressed his interest in working with us to save four rare species of freshwater sturgeon, valued for their meat and caviar.  He is raising the giant Beluga sturgeon, the world's largest freshwater fish, which grows to over 30' in length and can weigh over 3,000 pounds, as well as the smaller Sevruga, Osetra, and Sterlets sturgeon, also valued for their caviar, and meat. <>  Through his other company <>, in Miami, Mark is eager to sell our exotic, rare fruit, vegetables, and culinary herbs, to his global gourmet clients.   

                                              Pond with Giant Mekong Catfish for Aquaculture

Robert Chang, at <>, has expressed his eagerness to work with us to plant hazel nut and oak trees, inoculated with the spores of the Black Perigord, and Burgundy, truffles, in order to harvest them in the years ahead, to offer our gourmet clients.   Robert presently sells his product for $800 per pound.   Twenty to twenty five thousand tons of truffles are imported from Europe to satisfy American buyers at this time.   We will also pursue growing the rare Italian Alba White truffle since Robert has been able to grow them with his method.

With our access to 'Hydroviv' air to water technology from <> we will produce as much clean water as we will need for enormous tanks to hold the Beluga, and other highly prized, and delectable, food fish species, such as the Arapaima of the Amazon, and Nile Perch, as well as shellfish, such as the Redclaw and Marron crayfish of Australia.  <> This company offers us tanks to 250' diameter, and up to 25' high, for our aquaculture and aquaponic needs.   We will also use NanoBubble Tech <> to aerate water for our plant allies, fish and freshwater lobster to be raised onsite, as well as Brown's Gas <> and seawater minerals from <> in Washington State.

          Giant tropical Arapaima, from the Amazon, now being raised with Aquaculture in Peru and Brazil


Marx Foods, a specialty food company, in Seattle, offers many fresh, gourmet culinary herbs to chefs, cooks, caterers.  <> Many of the herbs they offer now we will grow, as well as many they do not offer.   They sell six pounds of generic passion fruit for a retail price of $148 and we have access to over a dozen varieties.  A pound of fresh mint leaves for $62 and fresh Kaffir Lime leaves is offered for $102 per pound.  These are examples of what gourmet caterers, chefs and cooks, are willing to

pay for exotic, fresh culinary produce, organically grown.

Breeders of the increasingly popular 'freshwater lobsters' Marron, and Redclaw crayfish, native to Australia, will provide us with breeding stock for these gourmet treats.   The Marron crayfish is the third largest crayfish in the world, the only giant crayfish being commercially raised at this time, which grows to an average weight of five pounds at four years from hatching.  Its smaller cousin, the Redclaw, matures at an average weight of 1.5 pounds at two years from hatching, these are ideal for use in the three tiered aquaponic system offered by Glynn Barber at <>.  Glynn uses the Redclaw in his system,

and has perfected a new hatching system to increase survival rate of juveniles.

              Electric Blue Marron Crayfish from Australia, the Third largest Crayfish in the world

We will offer our rare culinary herbs through the American Culinary Federation <> to their over 20,000 member chefs in 225 chapters across the country.  Through the specialty food magazines,

such as 'Gourmet', 'Saveur', 'Food & Wine', 'Art Culinaire', 'Gastronomica', 'Fine Cooking', 'Epicurious' and 'Bon Appetit', we will reach gourmet clients in many countries.   Food Fairs, sponsored by the Specialty Food Association, <> will give us greater exposure to retailers of fine food cherished by gourmet chefs, cooks and caterers, around the world.   The annual culinary event held in St. Helena, CA, brings together hundreds of culinary professionals, and world renowned chefs to explore the wonderful flavors, and ingredients, that are prized in many nations.  This event is hosted by the Culinary Institute of America. <>


From the Maya mountains of Guatemala our source there will send us seedpods from wild Criollo cacao trees from the rainforests of Guatemala to build an artisanal chocolate industry with Oregon chocolatiers, such as those who attend the annual Oregon Chocolate Festival, held at the Ashland Springs Hotel, in Ashland.  <>  Vanilla and Black pepper vines, cinnamon trees, tea trees, coffee trees, are other species we will be able to grow year round for the global gourmet market, along with Australian finger lime, papaya, pineapple, mango, and dragon fruit.  

                                       Australian Finger Limes Come in Many Colors, All Delectable


Sustainable harvests of plant biomass will enable us to produce biochar, and bio-thermoplastic, reinforced with Cellulose Nano Crystals (CNC), derived from woody plants grown on our farm sites.   Our product line will then include 3d printed added value products, made from CNC enhanced bio-thermoplastic, made from plant fibers.   Zelfo Technology GmbH, in Germany, is prepared to build bio-thermoplastic production facilities once we have the plant biomass to supply it, and a light industrial area to set up equipment. <>  There is an industrial park in Klamath Falls, down the Greensprings Highway from Ashland, ideal for us to pursue industrial projects using plant cellulose.

'Cellulose Nanocrystals Make Plastic 3,000 Times Stronger', according to Dr. William Winter, Executive Director, Cellulose Research Institute. ------ <>

                        The Shape of Things to Come -- Advanced Technologies and Materials

Our project will create a world class eco-naturist resort, as well as a world class theme park focused on sustainable development, as a showcase for leading edge technologies that  we will deploy globally.   With the Southern Oregon University, in Ashland,  <> we will be able to offer internships to the students who want to help us build a sustainable 'Green' future for all nations, and people, to enjoy.   Engineering students at Oregon Institute of Technology, in Klamath Falls, will be another source of talent to help us design and build our many sites, and structures on them. <>

                         Founder/CEO, Greg O'Neill, with fine feathered friend     


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Serious investors are invited to contact Mr. Greg O'Neill, Executive Director, White Tiger Farm, LLc.,  at his e-mail address below to dialog over this amazing investment opportunity.

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