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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to showcase the means for all countries to achieve self-reliance, and independence, with the use of advanced technologies, and materials, available today.   

Project Overview:

This project is geared to establish biofuels, and eventually foods, production capacity in New Mexico, in order to reduce dependence on imports of foreign crude oil.   Along with biofuels, and biochar, a byproduct of value from conversion of cellulosic feedstock to biofuels, we will use high density growing systems to produce high quality, gourmet, organically grown food for restaurants, caterers, and cooks at home.  Aeroponic, Aquaculture, Aquaponic, and Hydroponic systems will be used, along with our outdoor plantings using Food Forestry/Permaculture growing principles.  


          Tower Grow Aeroponic System Now Used at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago 

 Arctic Dome Greenhouses of 150' dia. to 360' dia. will be used, now being produced and used in Tok, Alaska.  <>  With the new tough Polykeder cladding (AirBubblePanel) we will be able to use these anywhere. 


                                  Land Available near Chama, New Mexico, with over 16,000 Acres

Mark, one of the owners of <>, in Bascom, FL, has expressed his interest in working with us to save four rare species of freshwater sturgeon, valued for their meat and caviar.  He is raising the giant Beluga sturgeon, the world's largest freshwater fish, which grows to a length of 20' and can weigh over a ton, as well as the smaller Sevruga, Osetra, and Sterlets sturgeon, also valued for their caviar, and meat. <>  Through his other company <>, in Miami, Mark is interested in selling our exotic, rare fruit, vegetables, and culinary herbs, to his global gourmet clients.  


                                               Aquaculture Tank with Giant Beluga Sturgeon 


Cold hardy timber bamboo plantings will increase our annual cellulosic feedstock for biofuels, bioplastic, CNC and biochar, conversion as they form groves for sustainable pole harvests.  These species offer poles from 6" to 10" diameter, of high quality wood, and grow to lengths of up to 100'.   In Thailand bamboo is now being used to produce ethanol by Dr. Nakorn Tippayawong, in Chiangmai.   Young poles are full of starch and sugar, as well as cellulose for refining into biofuels.   Fast growing bamboo will enable our production of high octane gasoline, and eventually bio-jet fuel, using the modular refining units now available from Cool Planet Energy Systems near Denver.  



                 Moso Bamboo from Japan Long Valued for Timber and Furniture  

It is part of our mission at the White Tiger Farms to gather, and preserve, threatened and endangered species of plants, valued for thousands of years, for food, fiber, medicinal and culinary uses, along with the amazing freshwater lobsters, Redclaw and Marron, from Australia.  <> 


                                       Exotic Blue Marron, Freshwater Lobster to Five Pounds in Weight


We recently found a property within 30 miles of Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico, with 2,300 acres in area, and with 3.5 miles of frontage along the Pecos River, an ideal site to develop for our needs as an educational center for our associates at the Primary Water Institute, and to demonstrate sustainable development technologies for all nations to adapt in order to end thirst, hunger, as well as energy deficits.


                      Land with 2,300 Acres and Pecos River Frontage Near Santa Fe, NM


With advanced biofuels refining systems we will use fast growing, renewable plant biomass to make biofuels to replace gasoline, and jet fuel, to reduce costly fuel imports, and to reduce vulnerability to fluctuations in the global fuels market .    The Santa Fe Air Center serves American Airlines and United Airlines flights arriving at the Santa Fe Municipal Airport, we will be able to provide them with bio-jet fuel

to reduce their operational costs with locally produced cellulosic biofuel.


                                                 Mother Earth, Our Responsibility to Serve and Protect

 As we generate income from sales of high value biofuels, we will increase our outputs.   Our biofuel sales will increase by developing more acreage, and securing new modular biofuel refining units to process fast growing, cellulosic feedstock species, such as the giant, superior cassava of Indonesia, available from ISC Cassava, in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Cassava has over a dozen products made from it now, including ethanol, and bioplastic.   China is growing these giant  Cassava for fuel ethanol production at this time.



              Shown above is a picture of Indonesian Superior Cassava

With modular refining units from Cool Planet Energy Systems, we will be able to process a ton of cellulosic feedstock into 100 gallons of high octane gasoline, or jet fuel, of ASTM quality, for bulk buyers and local consumers.  <>   This company is now in production of trailer mounted refining units, each able to produce 10 million gallons per year of either high octane eBTX gasoline, or bio-jet fuel, of ASTM quality, from sustainable harvests of cellulosic feedstock , with biochar as a byproduct of value, for carbon sequestration, and as a soil amendment to retain water and nutrients for plant roots to absorb.

                        Cool Planet Energy Systems Three Core Technologies


A recent contact,  David Still, Founder/CTO, Air Fuel Synthesis, in England, is eager to work with us to build a demo plant, and to later scale up production to commercial scale, using his system that uses water, Co2 and electricity to produce hydrocarbons / alkanes to make synthetic fuels to replace fossil fuels.   Myles Monaghan, COO, is open to collaboration to deploy his company's synthetic fuels technology to this project, and to the industrial park in Trinidad.  <> 


                             The Shape of Good Things to Come for a Positive Future

 Once we replace cellulosic biofuels tech, with synthetic fuels tech, we will use our sustainable harvests of plant biomass to increase our output of bio-plastics, reinforced with Cellulose Nano Crystals (CNC), derived from woody plants grown on our farms.   Our product line will then include 3d printed added value products, made from CNC strengthened, thermo-bioplastics.  'Cellulose Nanocrystals Make Plastic 3,000 Times Stronger' -- <>

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      White Tiger Farm, President/CEO, Greg O'Neill, and fine feathered friend


Our project will create a world class theme park in itself, a showcase for leading edge technologies for sustainable development that will be offered to all nations, and people.   


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Serious investors are invited to contact Mr. Greg A. O'Neill, Founder/CEO, White Tiger Farm, LLc.,  at his e-mail address below to dialog over this awesome investment opportunity in Colorado.

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