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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to showcase the means for all countries to achieve self-reliance, and independence, with the use of advanced technologies, and materials, available today.   We will restore forests where they once were, and turn former pasture land, into bountiful 'Food Forests' to be a living legacy for  the generations  to follow us into the future.

Project Overview:

This project is geared to establish biofuels, and eventually foods, production capacity in New Mexico in order to end dependence on imports of fuels from other states.   Along with biofuels, and biochar, a byproduct of value from conversion of cellulosic feedstock to biofuels, we will use high density growing systems to produce high quality, gourmet, organically grown food for restaurants, caterers, and cooks at home.  Aeroponic, Aquaculture, Aquaponic, and Hydroponic systems will be used, along with our outdoor plantings using Food Forestry/Permaculture growing principles.  

                               Cacao Trees Grown in Greenhouse Domes -- Chocolate Industry Beginning

We will use Sustainable Domes to 360' in diameter, for vertical farming, to shelter plants being grown for food purposes,  and added value products, from Green Society Association in China. <> 

                     Giant Greenhouse Domes For Vertical Farming Year Round of Tropical Species

Equipment is available from Koto Corporation, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to convert plant fiber to panels that are fireproof, crackproof, rot and mildew resistant, and these will be used to build a variety of useful structures, and will replace the magnesium oxide geopolymer now used to build the domes from Green Society Association.   Fast growing species will be extensively planted, such as honey mesquite, mountain 

mahogany, bamboos, palms, agaves, cacti, desert ironwoods, and native grasses, to harvest as cellulosic feedstock for biofuels, biochar, bioplastic, and cellulose nano-crystals production.  <>  

                                             Algae PhotoBioReactors For Biomass Into Biofuels

Cold hardy timber bamboo plantings will increase our annual cellulosic feedstock for biofuels, bioplastic, CNC and biochar, conversion as they form groves for sustainable pole harvests.  These species offer poles from 6" to 10" diameter, of high quality wood, and grow to lengths of up to 100'.   In Thailand bamboo is now being used to produce ethanol by Dr. Nakorn Tippayawong, in Chiangmai.  In China cassava is being used as feedstock to produce fuel grade ethanol.  Young poles are full of starch and sugar, ideal for ethanol, and butanol fermentation, with common soil bacteria species. 


                                 Moso Bamboo from Japan Long Valued for Timber and Furniture  

If you watch a copy of the new documentary, THRIVE,  <> you will learn that 'Prohibition' was designed to stop ethanol from competing with David Rockefeller's gasoline, made from crude oil his wells brought up.  David paid politicians in Washingon, DC, to pass Prohibition, to prevent people at home brewing their own fuel!   Henry Ford designed his engine to run on Ethanol.   The diesel engine was originally designed to run on peanut oil, which it did very well, and still runs a hundred years  after it was built.  

                                     Comfortable Domes for Guests in our Naturist Eco-Resort 

With advanced biofuels refining systems we will use fast growing, renewable plant biomass to make biofuels to replace gasoline, and jet fuel, to reduce costly fuel imports, and to reduce vulnerability to outside fluctuations in the global fuels markets. 

               Large Acreage Ranch Property Available in New Mexico With Over 18,000 Acres

With access to plant tissue culture lab facilities in Hosur, India, at <>, we will be able to get up to 50,000 plantlets per day of species we want for our commercial plantings outside, these will be shipped to the International Airport in Albuquerque.   Eventually we will establish our own in-house plant tissue lab to do micropropagation of species we will be growing for many uses.   Cultivaris Inc., in San Diego,CA,<> is able to provide us with clonal plantlets of 'Ulu' breadfruit cultivars from their extensive collection.  <>

"The world's annual consumption of jet fuel (excluding military) is about two billion barrels (42 gallons per standard barrel) and the International Air Transport Association <> has stated it wants 10% of jet fuel to come from biofuels by 2017.  In a move that leads the world, beginning January 1, 2012, 4,000 jet aircraft operators, including all airlines must reduce their emissions or face a EU airport ban."  ---------------<> 


 As we generate income from sales of high value biofuels, we will increase our outputs.   Our biofuel sales will increase by  adding  more acreage, and securing new refining equipment, along with modular biofuel refining units to process fast growing, cellulosic feedstock species, such as the giant, superior cassava of Indonesia, available from ISC Cassava, in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Cassava has over a dozen products made from it now, including ethanol, and bioplastic.   Richard Hurding, CEO, Omodo GmbH, in Germany, is the inventor of the bioplastic, Zelfo, made from plant fibers.  <> Richard is open to building a facility with us to produce his bioplastic, in a thermoplastic form for use in 3d printers.  China is planting these giant Cassava for ethanol production at this time. <>  Mr. Bambang Danardano, CEO, ISC Cassava, is eager to help us with seeds of his improved super cassava

cultivar, and wants to work with us in Indonesia to build similar projects to our own in the islands.

       Shown above is a picture of the harvest of Indonesian Superior Cassava, their roots are enormous.

With modular refining units from Cool Planet Energy Systems we will be able to process a ton of cellulosic feedstock into 100 gallons of high octane gasoline, for local consumers.   Blue Star Jets, a private jet carrier service, is eager to let their fleet owners know about our biojet fuel for their jets. 

We are in contact with Mike Rocke, VP, Business Development, Cool Planet Energy Systems, <> who tells us his trailer mounted refining units will be rolling off assembly lines this year, each being able to produce 10M gpy of either high octane eBTX biogasoline, or biojet fuel, from renewable, cellulosic feedstock we will be growing, with biochar as a byproduct of value for carbon sequestration, and as a soil amendment to help soil retain water and nutrients for plant roots. 

                                           Cool Planet Energy Systems Three Core Technologies

A recent contact, Karl Seck, Mercurius Biofuels, is eager to work with us to build a pilot plant using his REACH biotech to turn cellulosic feedstock into biogasoline, biodiesel, and biojet fuel.  His system is able to produce 80 to 90 gallons of biofuel from a ton of feedstock, depending on feedstock used.  <>

We are in touch with Dr. William Winter, Director, Cellulose Research Institute, who is working now to produce Cellulose Nano Crystals (CNC) and Cellulose Nano Fibers (CNF), both proven as 3X stronger than carbon fibers and kevlar fibers, ideal for advanced materials, and fibercrete, extracted from woody material.

CNC/CNF naturally give strength to wood.  <> 

"By adding an ounce of (cellulose nano)crystals to a pound of plastic (or bioplastic), you can increase the strength of the plastic by a factor of 3,000." --- Dr. William Winter

Imagine our adding cellulose nanocrystals to bio-thermoplastic to be used in 3d printers to print out parts, components, and whole assemblies, as needed, another industry to build in the Land of Enchantment. 

                          White Tiger Farm, Founder/CEO, Greg O'Neill, and fine feathered consultant 

Surplus shipping containers will be secured for use as offices, workshops, and added growing space for Aeroponic, Aquaponic, and Aquaculture systems.  <> Hybrid Architecture, in Seattle, now repurposes shipping containers to serve as housing, office space, and resorts.  They tell us they are able to build structures to 20 levels high with 20' and 40' long containers, and are eager to prove it for added vertical farming space. 


Our project will create a world class attraction in itself, a showcase for leading edge technologies that will be offered to all nations.   

If there is any doubt regarding the awesome profit potential of this project, you can use any online search engine to view results of searches on these key words --- cellulosic biofuels --- biodiesel  --- biojet fuel --- Banyan -- cassava --- bamboo ---  aquaponics ---  aquaculture --- aeroponics --- algae biofuels



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Serious investors are invited to contact Mr. Greg A. O'Neill, Founder/CEO, White Tiger Farm, LLc.,  at his e-mail address below to dialog over this awesome investment opportunity in our Hawai'i project.

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