Our project will host global guests, and visitors, giving them the chance to glimpse the world of the near future, with our open use of advanced systems, for clean energy, water and food production.  We will showcase air to water extraction/solar distillation systems, water capture and management, to optimize our use of water onsite.  We will work to develop more efficient ways to grow food, and value added items made from the plants we will grow year round.  Food Forest / Permaculture principles of design and layout will mesh with beautiful buildings, and giant BioDomes for production of high quality, gourmet foods year round.

             The 'Green Wall' approach to growing plants vertically will enable us to make optimal use of space.  


The 'Habitile' vegetative cladding units below use recycled EPS plastic and concrete to support plants on vertical surfaces.   <www.habitile.com> is well worth your visit to learn more about greening rural and urban areas.