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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to showcase the means for all countries to achieve self-reliance, and independence, with the use of advanced technologies, and materials, available today.   

Project Overview:

This project is geared to establish a natural rubber industry, beginning in Southern Oregon, in order to show the availability of high density growing systems that reduce water used, while growing the rare Kazakh 'Rubber Root' dandelion (Taraxacum koksagyhz), noted for its content of high quality natural rubber latex in its thick, long roots. 

Our nation now needs two million tons / 4 billion pounds of natural rubber, per year, with the global demand of 17 million tons of this vital commodity, used by American producers of 40,000 products that depend on it, including tires.   In 2020 a million rubber trees (Hevea brasilensis) died due to fungal leaf blight in Asia, with a 10% reduction in the overall global supply.   In order to upscale production of natural rubber, using a water based extraction system, it will require us to use high density growing systems, in our greenhouses, and plant tissue micropropagation of clonal plants to greatly increase our plantings.  

                        Aerial Glamping Resort with Shelter Domes for Our Farm Guests

Pacific Domes in Ashland, <www.pacificdomes.com> is working closely with <www.thecanopycrew.com> to

place shelter domes in treetop canopies for aerial glamping resorts to bring their guests closer to Nature.   Their 

greenhouse BioDomes offer us the means to create our 'hanging gardens' to grow food year round, and our own

glamping resort to give our guests and visitors the opportunity to see what we are doing to show that it is possible

to live and work in harmony with the living land that supports us all. 

                   The First Site for White Tiger Farms with 3,266 Acres  

Marx Foods, a specialty food company, in Seattle, offers many fresh, gourmet culinary herbs to chefs, cooks, caterers.  <www.marxfoods.com>  Many of the herbs they offer now we will be growing, as well as many they do not offer.   They sell six pounds of generic passion fruit for a retail price of $148 and we have access to over a dozen varieties.  A pound of fresh mint leaves for $62 and a pound of fresh Kaffir Lime leaves is offered for $102, these are examples of what gourmet clients are willing to pay for fresh

culinary produce, organically grown.   Growing rare, exotic food plant species is a very lucrative aspect 

of this ag enterprise to be established in southern Oregon and in the Hawaiian Islands. 


                        Greenhouse Cultivation of Guayule (Parthenium argentatum)


 Eventually we will use our sustainable harvests of plant biomass to produce surplus electrical power for upload to local grids, using the plant biomass fueled syngas power generators from Phoenix Energy <www.phoenixenergy.net> with modular units able to generate one megawatt of power per unit, with biochar, a valuable byproduct, to lock Carbon in the soil, and a valuable amendment to retain water and nutrients for plant roots to uptake.   <www.ruf-briquetter.com> RUF Briquetting Systems is able to sell 

us their biochar briquette machines to turn our sustainable harvests of biomass into a clean burning

coal replacement, and biofuel. 

Larger Digital Magnetic Inducer Generator (DMIG) power units, 100 kW and 10 mW outputs, are available to us from <www.3-bears.com>, they are entirely magnetic, no fuels needed. 

With such power sources on our farm sites we will use the new atmospheric water generators now available from <www.quenchinnovations.com> with their largest unit, AwG H60, able to produce up to 10,000 gallons of pure water per day, with at least 40% relative atmospheric humidity.


Greenhouse BioDomes to 120' diameter available to us from Pacific Domes in Ashland, great space for 

tropicals to grow year round, while other BioDomes will be used for high density growing systems on multiple floors.    These domes have a floor to ceiling height of 60' with enough room for a main floor,

and three floors above that.

With off grid power and water generators, and the land now available in southern Oregon for our use of permaculture / food forest plantings outdoors for temperate species, and inside greenhouse structures for tropical species, we will showcase how to live gently with the living land, while regenerating depleted soils.    

                                 Food Forests of the Future for Deep Biodiversity 

 By working with Richard Hurding, Executive Director, at Zelfo Technology GmbH, in Germany, <www.zelfotechnology.com> we will be able to turn our surplus plant cellulose into Biothermoplastic, to 

be used as feedstock in mega-scale 3d printers from the Italian company, WASP 3D <www.3dwasp.com>.

They offer their 'infinite digital manufacturing process' and line of 3d printers, including one that is able to handle cellulose material, and concrete, to literally print out homes, and entire communities.    Their WASP 12M Big Delta 3d printer can print out objects and structures to 12 meters / 36' high.    A new geopolymer 

concrete from <www.ultrahighmaterials.com> is 8x stronger than conventional concrete, it can be used

as a feedstock to the mobile extruder / printhead of the WASP Crane 3d printer to print out homes. 

                                   WASP 3D Crane printer printing TECLA homes in Italy

Our project will create a showcase for leading edge technologies that  we will deploy globally.   With the Southern Oregon University, in Ashland, we will be able to offer internships to the students who want to help us build a sustainable 'Green' future for all nations, and people, to enjoy.  <www.sou.edu> 


You can contact Greg A. O'Neill, Founder/CEO, White Tiger Farm, at his e-mail address below to dialog over this awesome opportunity to demonstrate that clean energy, fiber, food and water can be produced anywhere.   Visionaries, artists, designers, engineers, and other creative folk, with the passion to pioneer the future are welcome to join us.

Email ---- goneill51@gmail.com ---- http://about.me/goneill ----


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