Our proposal to interested investor(s) and investor groups is to offer 40% equity position in this project near Fort Sumner, New Mexico, in return for $100M in investment for startup.  We request a buyout option be given to enable investors to have a clear exit strategy.  Drop me a note online, and we can discuss the very lucrative profit potential of this project to produce algae oil, biofuel, and biochemicals of value in a growing, global market. 

We have access to proven equipment, and technologies, to produce renewable cellulosic feedstock to increase our biofuels output, and eventually spinoff biodegradeable plastic production through licensing to be secured from the Omodo GmbH group in Germany, in order to turn plant fibers into their 'Zelfo' plastic, and items to be made from it in the industrial park in Fort Sumner. 

Mr. Ahava Amen, CEO, New Earth Renewables <www.newearth.net>, in Seattle, WA, offers us access to his Eco Pyrotorefaction Technology (EPT) to produce biocrude (E-OIL) comparable to marine grade Bunker C crude from cellulosic feedstock to be produced in our outdoor plantings, using cold hardy bamboos, kenaf, paulownia, mentioned earlier. 

Mr. Kevin Weiss, CEO, Byogy Renewables <www.byogy.com>, offers us access to his bolt on conversion system to convert cellulosic ethanol into biojet fuel and/or biogasoline, just another great opportunity for our future expansion.